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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Sterling Heights

Goss Chiropractic Clinics is a health care center for families in our community. We love seeing multiple generations of people who know that chiropractic is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Among our patients are expecting moms, babies and children of all ages. Pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care are two of our primary focuses, knowing that health starts early in life.

How We Help Expecting Moms

Pregnancy is the perfect time to become a chiropractic patient. This safe form of health care has been proven to help expecting moms with their comfort levels. Additionally, we can give you advice and support on your stress level, nutrition, posture and more. Your baby’s health is equivalent to yours. By addressing your nervous system, we’re making our best effort to ensure that your baby can develop and function properly.

A Successful Labor and Delivery

Some moms are fortunate enough to have a healthy, vibrant pregnancy experience. Every mom deserves the best possible chance at remaining comfortable. Pain, however, isn’t the only indicator that you may have dysfunction in your body. A small percentage of your body’s nerves are responsible for sending pain signals. That means your nerve function can be compromised without any signs present.

Furthermore, chiropractic has been shown to support you through your birthing process. It will reduce the likelihood that you’ll require an intervention such as a C-section.

The Webster Technique

Developed by Dr. Larry Webster, this technique is a safe, gentle way to analyze a mother’s pelvis and any dysfunction present. We’ll look at your ligaments, body’s biomechanics and nervous system function, as well as the sacrum and its position. The sacrum is connected to the uterus. If misaligned, it can create torsion on the round ligament of the uterus. By addressing this area, we hope to balance your sacrum so that your baby can have the space to grow and get into the right position for birth.

chiropractor adjusting babyWhen to Bring Your Baby In

After you have your baby, you can bring them in as soon as you’re able. Dr. Mackenzie and Dr. Jack were adjusted within hours of their birth by their father, Dr. William. The birthing process is traumatic and can create misalignments in the baby’s spine. Your baby’s health journey can begin shortly after birth.

Gentle, Specific and Precise Care

Adjusting a baby or child isn’t like adjusting an adult. Their bodies require just a light pressure with no twisting or popping. The baby can lie on their stomach or back. Since their spine is more cartilage than bone, a soft touch is all that is needed to adjust them.

If your child is older, we’ll take our time with them and never give an adjustment until they’re ready and happy to get started. We’ll work on building a relationship with them so that they trust us and want to participate in their care.

Experience What We Can Do for Your Family

We’ve seen children come in constipated who can go to the bathroom after an adjustment. Colicky babies, kids with ear infections, breastfeeding troubles and more have all been positively affected by our care. Though we don’t treat conditions, we allow the body to function naturally by balancing the nervous system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic Sterling Heights!

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